25 X 40 One Room Cabin Plans

Free Download 25 x 40 One Room Cabin Plans

Originally cabins were built to shelter early settlers, hunters, fishermen and ranchers. These hardy folks valued workmanship and practicality. While modern people may yearn for a bit more comfort and civilization in their homes, it is a good tip to try to remain true to the classic earthy appeal of traditional log cabin floor plans to combine comfort with authenticity. For example, choosing simple roof lines for your log cabin helps to keep your costs down as well as to retain the charm and integrity of the classic cabin look.

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Also take into consideration the local building customs in your area. By learning from the locals and designing your cabin house plans along traditional architectural lines and with the materials favored locally, you can be sure that your home will fit in visually and be best suited to the local climate.

25 x 40 One Room Cabin Plans

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