28′ X 28′ 1 1/2 Story Cabin With Loft

28′ x 28′ 1 1/2 Story Cabin with loft

story cabin with loft

28' x 28' 1 1/2 Story Cabin with loft

Our inventory of cabin plans and cabin floor plans continue to grow. We currently feature everything from small cabin plans to cabin house plans.
Common Characteristics of Cabin Building Plans:
* Often built near water
* Tend to have a small footprint
* Often serves as a vacation home
* Tend to be traditional in style

cabin plans

The Floor Plans

Every place offers its own pleasures: watching the sun rise over the Atlantic, fishing in the mountain river that rushes past the door, or taking in the mirrored serenity of a deep-woods lake. All you need is the desire to be part of it. Fortunately, a lot of places can still be called cabin country- anywhere a person can retreat into unspoiled beauty and seclusion. And today’s cabins can be built without destroying the natural beauty of the site.

Respecting the environment is only one part of the unspoken code of cabin building. Another part is that no matter where it’s built and whatever it’s built of, a cabin should enhance the landscape, not overpower it. The best cabins don’t overwhelm the land, they blend into it.

28' x 28' Cabin Plan

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